Monday, January 01, 2007

XBOX 360

I have started a new year with a new thing: XBOX live for the XBOX360. As I have just begun, I receive one free month of Gold membership (the kind that lets you play games online) for free. Unfortunately, this began immediately upon my membership's beginning, not at my whim. That is a little frustrating.

The only game I have with me at the moment for online play is Gears of War. I have to say that it is a bad experience. I spent easily 15 minutes just looking for a game. Once I got in a game, the game design wasn't very good; it was just Team Slayer with no respawn, last guy alive's team wins. There is also a time limit. This leads to a frustrating problem: if a person is outnumbered, his best strategy is to hide and hope to do better in the next round, since a "time-out" is a draw.

Anyway, you can see my Gamertag on the right, if Internet is working right.

Jack Handy

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