Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cow Tipping

This is going to blow your mind. There is NO SUCH THING AS COW TIPPING.

That's right. Cow tipping, like the boogie man and eskimoes, doesn't exist. I offer you an eloquent piece of proof: if you do a search on YouTube, the internet's cloaca, for "cow tipping", you will find no film of people tipping over cows.

There are other compelling arguments for the claim, like the physical problem of a 200 pound guy knocking over a 1,500 pound cow, the fact that cows don't sleep standing up, etc., but I think it's much more compelling that not one person has uploaded a video of themselves doing it.

People have videos of themselves dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs. And those are some of the popular videos.

At least cow tipping is moderately believable, unlike eskimoes. I mean, honestly. People are supposed to live up in a place that's very cold, then build a house out of ICE? Ice is cold! They'd end up freezing faster!

The things that some people believe!

1 comment:

Big J said...

dude, ive cow tipped. dont tell me its not real. the fall asleep standing up but you have to be really really really quite coming up to them with about 3 to 4 other ppl. otherwise they wake up and walk away. they hit the ground HARD.