Monday, January 19, 2009

Wii Fat

I've been doing Wii Fit lately. It has its plusses and minuses. First of all, the exercises and games are done pretty well.

The graphics aren't anything special, roughly the same as Wii Sports. There's no support for a "playlist" of activities to do in succession, which would have been very nice. Since it's a Wii game, it's safe to say that we're not going to get a patch over the internet for it.

As a philosophical point, I don't like the emphasis on weight. Someone can be a reasonable weight and be unhealthy. Heart health and body strength are both things that need to be maintained to be healthy, but Wii Fit can't be bothered. The only thing that it tracks is your weight. I'd love to see an option that lets you select a body region you want to work on and creates a regimen to follow every day.

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