Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wait, I'm A Historian!

Bush has said that "history will be [his] judge". Finally, my History major comes in handy. Bush is the worst President in American history. Even Bush supporters limit their support to the idea that he has prevented any further attacks on the US. This is an eccentric argument to make. After all, I wouldn't brag that my president only suffered the worst defeat in American history once. I'm not claiming that Bush caused 9/11, but his administration was criminally negligent in defence.

Other Presidents have been disasters on single issues, (Johnson and Nixon in Vietnam, Hoover in the economy, Harding for his corrupt administration and backdoor deals) but Bush has been reprehensible on every aspect of being president. We've suffered the worst attack on our soil, we've been in a disastrous and voluntary war that was completely mishandled, and we've had an economic collapse that was entirely preventable. The corruption and backdoor dealing of the Bush Administration should make an entire book.

Just to make it clear: I, as a historian, name Bush the worst president in American history.

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