Sunday, January 04, 2009

Yes Man

Yes Man is a formulaic comedy, with all that entails. I feel that they should be paying me, with all the product placement in the movie.

In every romantic comedy, there's a loose plot that must be followed, as dictated by some inscrutable gods:
  • A leaves his boring ex and sets out on his own, is lonely.
  • Wacky antics bring A to B.
  • A and B couldn't be happier.
  • B discovers that the wacky antics included some sort of lie, or wacky scheme.
  • B is so outraged upon this discovery that B leaves A forever.
  • A does something else wacky, validating the previous wackiness and begging forgiveness.
  • B forgives A, and they kiss in a way that reminds you of their previous wackiness.
This routine is fine in and of itself, but once you've seen it a few times, only an idiot would be afraid that Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel won't make it. Also, the thing that gets B outraged is often so trivial that they look like either a self-absorbed jerk or an idiot.

Anyway, there are some fun jokes in the movie, but I wouldn't pay money to see it.

Yes Man
.5 out of 5 Ron Perlmans

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