Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Judgment Day

The pictures are taken. Judge ye, that we may be judged.

Rules for voting:
1. Clearly indicate which of the two following pictures is the greatest in the comments section.
2. Sign a name. Your name, or some alias by which I will know you.
3. No cheating.
4. The winner will be determined by who gets the most votes.

The first picture is:

The Act of Water Hitting More Water

The second picture is:

Bird of Paradise

To see an enlarged version of a picture, just click on it.

PS. This is post number 200. WOOOOOO!

"The Act of Water Hitting More Water" won this one with a rather large margin.


Dan said...

My vote goes to "The Act of Water Hitting More Water."

Jeff said...

I'll vote for the bird picture

Bob said...

i voted for the water cuz ummm.. i have no idea it just looks nice and i like water. ^_^

Ryan said...

I vote for the bird.