Sunday, March 18, 2007


I think 24 would be a much better show if they actually stuck with the concept and had the events that would happen in 24 hours. Jack Bauer going to the bathroom for 15 minutes, sitting on a airstrip for an hour waiting for clearance, etc.

"We have to get to Washington!"
"But the flight will take two hours!"
"Fine, that'll give me time to take a nap."

Now that would make for good television. Keifer Sutherland sleeping on a plane.

There's a part of the show where Bauer dies while being tortured. They inject adrenaline into his heart to bring him back, then resume the torture. A few minutes later, he's out of chains and kicking butt. Medical experts may think that someone would profit from a bit of a lie down, but Jack Bauer doesn't need such things. I expect he would recover from a prefrontal lobotomy over a commercial break.

PS: Injecting adrenaline into someone's heart is sooo passé. Stealing stuff is inevitable with television shows, but I wouldn't steal from Pulp Fiction.

PPS: Los Angeles is notorious for being very sprawling. How does the show handle that? They can't just wait half an hour for him to drive to places...

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