Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Political Suicide

In This Article, the author mentions that George McGovern, as a member of a committee on food, was going to release a statement that, among other things, would advise Americans to cut back on Meat and Dairy. This is good advice; if it had been released and followed, we would see a much healthier American populace. Of course, before the document was released, the cow owners of America raised a few objections, mainly along the lines of, "we make our money by making the American people ill, thank you."

The fact is, the government will never make a statement which actually gives good advice regarding food. It's too dangerous. The unhealthy way our food is produced and distributed is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it has behind it the American farmer, one of the most solid voting blocs in the country. Anyone who points out that beef three times a day is a bad idea is simply committing political suicide.

If I was running for president, I would win the record for having the most groups oppose me. I don't think there's a demographic out there who wouldn't vote against me for at least one of my positions.

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