Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Spy Update

The Joke/Rumour that everyone starts during a class update has come true: The Sniper Update has turned into The Spy Update. "The Update is a Spy!"

Naturally, this raises some questions, and naturally, Valve isn't answering them. Does this mean that the entire "Sniper Update" thing is just a fraud, or is this a dual Sniper/Spy update? If you look on the picture, it's obvious that the Spy has alternate equipment for all his weapons. (That's not what the regular Revolver or Knife look like.

Assuming that it's a dual update, I'm going to talk about the Razorback for a second. I understand the problem here, the SMG is only useful in extremely rare situations, and even then it does so little damage it's hard to tell if you're even hitting. This means that its replacement should be equally rarely used. In this sense, the Razorback is perfect, so I can't really complain. I think an extra life (Only Against Backstabs) is worth a little slowdown. After all, most snipers are rooted to one spot anyway.

Dear Valve: Please give us the Achievement names/pictures so el_dawg and I can guess at them again.

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