Monday, May 18, 2009

Spy Achievements Contest

Valve has revealed the Spy Achievements, and that means it's time to guess the meaning of the achievement icons/names. This time my competitor, El_dawg, will be posting his guesses on his blog, the El Blawg.

A Cut Above:

Stab a Spy who is using a Revolver.

Agent Provocateur:

Backstab ten different people on your friends list

Burn Notice:

Kill someone within 30 seconds of them setting you on fire

Come in From the Cold:

Backstab a nemesis. (Maybe you had to be dominated whilst not a spy, then switch to spy for vengeance?)

Constructus Interruptus:

Backstab an Engie whilst he is still building a device.

Counter Espionage:

Backstab an enemy disguised spy.

Deep Undercover:

I have a feeling this has something to do with an alternate knife, since that doesn't look much like the regular knife. Could this be the item that lets you steal the identity of the person you killed?

Die Another Way:

Kill a Sniper with a Razorback without firing it off.


Revolver 50 peeps

Dr. Nooooo:

Backstab a medic with full ubercharge. (I wonder if this will count for Kritzing medics, since they can still be stabbed?)

For Your Eyes Only:

Do The Disguise Kit Taunt in a Sniper's Death Cam photo.

FYI I am a Spy:

Get some kills without going into disguise?

High Value Target:

Dominate Three or more people in a single round.

Identity Theft:

Kill someone, then change to their class w/ Disguise Kit. (Or kill someone while you're disguised as them)

Insurance Fraud:

Stab someone while you're being healed by an enemy medic.

Is It Safe?:

Capture 50 points. This seems rather boring...

Joint Operation:

You and another spy deploy a sap within three seconds of each other.

May I Cut In?:

Backstab someone and their medic within thirty seconds.

On Her Majesty's Secret Surface:

Be the first person on your team to get to a capture point

Point Breaker:

Defend 15 points

Sap Auteur:

Deploy 1000 saps.


This looks like this alternate knife again, my guess is sap an engineering building, then backstab the engie that owns it.


Revolver 10 snipers to death

Slash and Burn:

Very abstract picture... backstab someone while they're on fire?

Sleeper Agent:

Looks like alternate Knife again, maybe it does ongoing damage, and this is the achievement for killing someone after you die, like Dead Heat.

Spies Like Us:

Backstab an invisible enemy Spy. (I've done this before. Alternately, grinding going invisible. There's a test of skill.)


Get 1000 backstabs with the new knife.

The Man from P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E.:

Grinding Backstabs, maybe 5000?

The Man with the Broken Guns:

Backstab an engie, then sap three of his buildings.

The Melbourne Supremacy:

Dominate a sniper with Backstabs. (Or, get revenge on a sniper dominating you)


Stab someone three times? (Three Spies facestab the same guy?)


Killing someone outside in the rain in that arena map? The name says underwater, but the picture says rain.

Who’s Your Daddy?:

Backstab a scout with his bat.

You Only Shiv Thrice:

Backstab three people in ten seconds.


Impulse said...

A Cut Above: Get the first kill of the match with a backstab

Agent Provocateur: Kill 10 enemy spies

Burn Notice: Spend 30 seconds on fire in one life

Come in From the Cold: kill a heavy with a thrown knife

Constructus Interruptus: Kill an engineer while he’s building

Counter Espionage: Backstab an enemy spy while he is in disguise

Deep Undercover: Spend the entire round in disguise

Die Another Way: Break a sniper’s shield, then kill him

Diplomacy: Kill 50 enemies with the revolver

Dr. Nooooo: Backstab 5 medics with Ubers prepped

For Your Eyes Only: Taunt after death

FYI I am a Spy: Backstab a medic who has just healed you

High Value Target: Backstab snipers in one life

Identity Theft: Backstab a player whose identity you are pretending

Insurance Fraud: Get healed for 500 damage by enemy medics

Is It Safe?: Get 50 points on a capture

Joint Operation: assist another spy in a kill in 3 seconds

May I Cut In?: Kill the target, then the healer, within 30 seconds

On Her Majesty's Secret Surface: capture 3 points in one life

Point Breaker: disrupt 15 point captures

Sap Auteur: Sap 1000 buildings

Sapsucker: sap 5 machines at once

Skullpluggery: Get 10 revolver headshots on snipers

Slash and Burn: backstab a pyro while on fire

Sleeper Agent: Fake death, then kill the one who shot you

Spies Like Us: Disguise yourself as an enemy spy

Spymaster: 1000 backstabs

The Man from P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E.: Knife alternate attack thing

The Man with the Broken Guns: stab 3 machines to death in one life

The Melbourne Supremacy: backstab a sniper, but from the front

Triplecrossed: steal the enemy intelligence, then switch teams and steal your intelligence, then switch teams, and steal the enemy intelligence.

Wetwork: kill 10 people in the rain, without a disguise

Who’s Your Daddy?: Backstab 50 scouts

You Only Shiv Thrice: get three backstabs in 10 seconds

Impulse said...

Sorry, that last one was me, Jeff