Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sniper/Spy Update

The biggest update in TF2's history is out, and it's a free TF2 weekend too! It's a TF2-stravaganza! I'm waiting to download while I blog this.

El Dawg, over at the El Blawg, won the achievement guessing contest, winning by a grand total of .5 points. It was well fought, and we both got some good guesses in there, but I was proved to be the lesser TF2 Achievement-Guesser. (The score was extremely close for all three participants. Going through the score again could yield any player as the winner)

I'm really wondering about this new equipment system. The details about it in the update notes are vague at best.

The Kritzkrieg has a new taunt that will heal the medic a little. It is now my only medigun from now on.

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