Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sniper Achievement Guessing

First of all, feel free to ignore my previous post. Secondly, it's time to guess Sniper Achievements! (Thirdly, Jarate looks super-awesome, and the comic is sweet!)

Australian Rules:

Dominate 10 People

Be Efficient:

Get three consecutive fully charged headshots, no misses.

Be Polite:

Give someone a deathcam pic of you doing the melee taunt after you melee them.

Beaux and Arrows:

Kill a medic and his healing target with the Huntsman

Consolation Prize:

Get 50 assists on spies who killed you.

Dead Reckoning:

Kill someone with the Huntsman Headshot from 100 feet


Snipe Three Sentries to death.

Dropped Dead:

Shoot someone with the Huntsman, then they die of fall damage.

Enemy at the Gate:

Snipe someone to death within 5 seconds of spawning

Friendship is Golden:

Get 100 Jarate assists

Have a Plan:

Capture the Final Point of a map.

Jarate Chop:

Melee someone to death while they're under the effect of Jarate

Jarring Transition:

Uncloak a spy with Jarate

Jumper Stumper:

Snipe someone to death while they are in midair

Kill Everyone You Meet:

Get 1000 Headshot kills

Kook the Spook:

melee 10 spies to death

My Brilliant Career:

Go an entire round as sniper and get top rank in a team of 6 or more

Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad:

Kill 25 people capturing a point

Number One Assistant:

Get 5 Jarate assists in a single life.

Parting Shot:

Snipe a friend, causing them to leave the server (or Team).


Get Three arrows into one guy.

Rain on Their Parade:

Get a flawless victory on that stupid raining map.

Robbin’ Hood:

Kill 10 people carrying Intelligence with the Huntsman

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet:

Use Jarate to get revenge on someone dominating you

Saturation Bombing:

spray 4 people with Jarate in one throw

Self-destruct Sequence:

Get 10 assists while you've died before the target. (I just have no idea for this one)


Hit with 18 Huntsman shots in one life

Shock Treatment:

Kill a spy while he's effected by the Stupid Shield

Shoot the Breeze:

Kill an invisible spy with the Huntsman

Socket to Him:

Shoot the Demo's bottle with the Sniper Rifle. (Like in Meet the Sniper, that's one of the funnier bits in the "Meet the..." videos)

The Last Wave:

Snipe someone, then give them the taunt for the deathcam

Triple Prey:

Snipe 3 people consecutively, no pausing.

Trust Your Feelings:

It's a Star Wars reference... and you have to snipe people... Snipe 5 Invisible spies???


Snipe a medic to death while he has full ubercharge

William Tell Overkill:

Pin someone's head to a wall. 25 times.

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