Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shakespeare: Romeo And Juliet

Like I said earlier, I tend to root for the underdog. This naturally predisposes me to be against something as famous and popular as Romeo and Juliet. With this in mind, I don't care for Romeo and Juliet. More precisely, I don't care for the popular view of it today.

First of all, I don't care for the love story, or at least how it's perceived today. People seem to believe that it's the greatest love story ever told. I personally believe that it's about two rather stupid kids who let their hormones get the best of them. At the beginning of the play, Romeo is madly in love with one woman, then he falls in love again upon seeing Juliet. If this were a story of true love, I don't think there would be the bit about Romeo already being in love. Also, the characters specifically allude to how silly this all is: Juliet points out that they haven't even said one hundred words to each other, and oh, is she ever in love.

Anyway, I think there's an interesting story in there about two feuding houses, but the romance angle has blown that out of the water. This brings up an interesting conundrum: would you rather be famous and misinterpreted by the lowest common denominator, or would you rather be forgotten by most everyone, but understood by those who know you?

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