Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Of Year, 2007: EGM is wrong

EGM gave Bioshock Game Of The Year. I have no idea why. The AI is lame, the dialogue repeats itself often, it's less than 20 hours long, and the ending was lame. Worst of all, it had a near-fatal glitch that caused the game to suffer frequent bouts of intolerable lag. Apparently, it doesn't happen on every machine, but I've heard of it happening often enough that Bioshock loses some points. (Full disclosure: I did get that glitch, and it was enraging.)

Anyway, I haven't played all the games that would be contenders for Game of the Year, so I don't feel that I can declare for one. Here are some of my nominees, though:
  • Halo 3
  • Call Of Duty 4
  • Rock Band
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Orange Box
I do have one definitive winner: Team Fortress 2 wins Best Graphics. "Good Graphics", for many, seems to mean "realistic". I vehemently disagree with that idea. Graphics for video games are like art in any other form. If realism was all we were looking for in art, we'd only take photographs. Anyway, TF2 looks beautiful.

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