Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Open Letter To The Writers Of Lost

After watching the last episodes of season 3 of Lost, I believe that you may have accidentally fired your continuity director. In Season 1 of Lost, the so-called "Others" were essentially ninjas that operated in a jungle instead of 1400's urban Japan. Watching them sneak up on a camp in recent episodes reveals a striking contrast: their exaggerated "I'm creeping" posture is more humorous than effective, and they don't even try to actually sneak.

Somewhere between the first season and the most recent episodes, you seem to have picked up on the video game rules of stealth. Here's the thing: adopting a silly crouching position doesn't actually help you hide. It's just a thing video games do to make things easier on the player.


Anyway, this is one of the main reasons that I think Lost doesn't know what they're doing. The nature of the "Others" is totally inconsistent. The "Others" also irritate me because of their absurd number of skills they're supposed to be masters of: Ethan was supposed to be a skilled surgeon. He was also a jungle ninja, a masterful brawler, and a talented con man. Each of these skills is the sort of thing that takes a lifetime to master. And every single one of the "Others" is a jungle ninja and an expert fighter. They also know all the skills of a modern Urban human.

Anyway, stop it with those instant knock out punches. Unless the island is supposed to give super punch-out skills, that is.

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