Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Note: this post sorta contains Cloverfield spoilers. After seeing the movie, I'm not sure what could be spoiled, though. Have you heard the premise? Godzilla-style monster attacks city with Blair Witch camera-work? Then you know everything about the movie.

Yes, some characters die, but they are largely interchangeable, so knowing in advance who will make it and who won't doesn't really change anything. You can't "spoil" the monster: IT LOOKS SORTA LIKE GODZILLA! The fact that it has an extra pair of arms and is quite skinny isn't some radical revolution that can be "spoiled". My personal theory is that all of the secrecy on the project is just an indirect ad campaign: if it's secret, it must be good, or at least interesting.

Anyway, here's an Ultra-Summary for my fans:

Cloverfield: The Ultra-Summary

Interchangeable 18-24 year-old Middle Class College Drunkard:
Let's go over to another part of Manhattan!


A Character Dies

Repeat 7 times.

PS: There's a girl in there who reminded me of Marla Singer in Fight Club. At least Cloverfield reminded me of a good movie.

PPS: What is that monster made of? When the American military sees something that it wants dead, it dies. Period. Unless that monster's skin was made of a foot of titanium, that thing is dead.

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