Monday, October 16, 2006

Note-Taking Is An Important Skill

I thought I would share the notes I took during a class I attended today. (These are the entirety of my notes.)

The Contents Of My Notes:

A picture of a robot.
Another picture of the same robot, with a smaller version of that robot inside it.
A drawing of a cat.
A few attempts at trying to draw a mole's claws.
A large "W?"

-Next Page-

Headline: "The Beat is Technotronic"
Seven dancing stick figures.
A drawing of a guy being stuck by lightning.
A guy with a sword and shield
A bunch of lines that sort of form a maze.
A stick figure sitting at a desk saying, "hur hur hur."
"The Big O!!! notation"
"student discount at iPod store?"
"Dralnu combos"

So, you can tell that I learned a lot in that class.

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