Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Great Firefox Tool

I just recently found a great tool for firefox. Do you use a search engine often? If so, try right-clicking in the area that you type into. One of the options should say, "add a keyword to this search". Click that. Give it a simple, easy to type keyword, and any random name.

Next time you want to do a search, just type in the keyword into the regular browser bar, press space, then type whatever it is you're searching for.

Ex. I do a lot of Wikipedia searches. I set the Wikipedia search function to "wp". If I want to read about The Green Lantern, I just type "wp Green lantern", and it takes me there instantly.

This works for anything with a search bar. I use it for Wikipedia and Mininova, but I bet there are other things I'll use it for soon, since search bars are so commonly used on the Internet.

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