Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lamest Character

I think the lamest character I've seen for a long time would be General Greivous from Star Wars. What a terrible name. I mean, General Grievous? Also, four lightsabres?

David Morgan-Mar called that years ago.

It's too bad that Lucas doesn't have any plans to make more Star Wars movies. We could see the ultimate evolution of the lightsabre: a lightsabre with lightsabres instead of a blade. Those smaller lightsabres would, in turn, have more lightsabres instead of their blades, and so on.

That way we have infinite lightsabres in a finite amount of space.

Halfway thru this post, it became a thinly veiled excuse to write the word 'lightsabre' over and over again. Lightsabre.

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