Monday, March 09, 2009

Watchmen Movie

First of all: I don't mind the big change to Watchmen, and I think anyone that complains about it is wrong.

The problems I have with the movie are the little things. I don't mind taking out the side-stories; the movie can't be 8 hours long. There are two things that I object to: adding things, particularly slow motion fight scenes, and changing things around for no good reason.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the makers of 300 added gore and stylized fighting. It's their way. It just irritates me that they decided to add things when the movie had to make deep cuts to core elements of the movie. When a movie is nearly three hours long, it is not the time to add more action that doesn't advance the plot, especially when it's in slow motion. The gore, particularly with Dr. Manhattan, is just too much, almost to the point of parody.

The small changes are the ones that rankle the most. Moving lines from one character to another, changing scenes to add gore, it's just unnecessary, and other than the big change, I think every change from the original hurts the movie.

Despite the above, I liked the movie. The opening montage was the only addition/change that I felt really added something to the production, and it's very good. It does a fantastic job to give mood and details, and remind the slower members of the audience that this is an alternate history. I'm griping about minor things, but the movie taken as a whole is very good, and surprisingly loyal, despite the changes.

The soundtrack is fantastic, with well picked songs.

Ron Perlman isn't in the movie.

.95/5 Ron Perlmans

Rorschach's Batman voice isn't as bad a Christian Bale's, but it's still bad. He's supposed to speak in a monotone, not a put-on voice.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the soundtrack was weird. Like they just hit shuffle on their iPods. The part at the end when Rorschach died and made a Rorschach with his guts was almost amusing.


Carsonist said...

OK, when I said they had a good soundtrack, I meant that I liked the songs they played. Except the punk-Rock version of "desolation row", but that was in the end credits, so I just left.

The choice of songs was often clichè, but they were good songs.