Friday, March 20, 2009

Shakespeare: Henry V

Henry V is a good play. It has two of the top 10 Shakespearean speeches: the "Once More Into The Breach" speech and the "Band Of Brothers" speech. Even though some of the words may seem unfamiliar in our modern language, it still stirs the soul to read or hear those speeches.

Shakespeare does an odd thing in this play: each of his acts is introduced by a man describing the scene, specifically telling the audience to use their imaginations to fit the enormous events of history into such a small place as a theater and a small time of only two hours. This sounds very artificial, but the writing of these segments is simply fantastic. Without any acting, just a man speaking on a stage, Shakespeare summons up armies and countries that no play could encompass visually. Some of the writing in this play is Shakespeare at his finest.

So, some guy claims that Bush II could be described in a Henry V context. His basic claim is that Bush was ashamed at his father's performance, and so he resolved to do everything in the opposite way of his father. He wrote a book. If you care, I'm sure you could find it.

I know I haven't mentioned my Space Opera for a while, but the Henriad, as I've heard it called, would be the centerpiece of the entire story, and this would be the first movie. A young King goes to war and woos the sexy foreign lady on the other side? It's a perfect movie for males 18-24, the only demographic that people target seriously, for some reason.

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