Monday, March 02, 2009

Scout Update

First of all: If you remember the entire Achievement predictions I did a while ago, just forget them. I didn't do to well.

Now, about the Scout Update: It's very good. I absolutely adore the Sandman, and the Force-A-Nature encourages playing the Scout with the "Hit and Run" tactics that you need to use to win in a fight. The Bonk! Energy Drink is a mixed bag, but I'm growing to like it.

People who are making achievements for games, look to Valve as a guide. Especially the Scout update. By encouraging activities that lead to good tactics, the Achievements basically become a de facto tutorial.

Not that this excuses Valve for making a game that's increasingly complex and inscrutable, and still not having anything approaching a real tutorial. I dare someone to pick up this game and ever figure out stuff like the Stab and Sap without referring to an outside guide.

I find it pretty funny that if there was ever a time people would want to use Natascha, it would be during this update, so Valve accidentally broke it. Nothing beats a gun that does 75% damage of the original, and has a 0% chance of slowing the target.

I've also been making a spray. My old one got a bad reception, but this one is much better.

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