Friday, August 11, 2006

The Contest!

I have designed a contest. Its premise is simple: I will write up a character in GURPS terms, and my loyal readers will attempt to decipher who it is. The first person to respond with the correct name in the 'comments' section of that post will win a character point.

Obviously, I will skip any proper nouns in the write-up that would make the game winnable with a simple google search. Also, my write-ups won't be perfect, so feel free to guess things that aren't perfectly in accordance with your view of the character.

The characters can be from history, modern times, mythology, modern fiction, or popular culture. They can be well known, or very obscure. Keep in mind that some characters could have a completely different character sheet at different times in their lives.

I plan to have the first character up later today or tomorrow, then I plan to put one up roughly once a week.

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