Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Movin' Out

I am moving out of my place at Melrose Apartments (not Melrose Place). Instead, I am going to a place all my own. I will have a personal refrigerator and oven in my own kitchen. Calling it a kitchen is an exaggeration, but so it goes. Later, I'll provide photos of the new place.


Big J said...

melrose was a nice place. . . mommy and daddy pitchin for the new place you have all to yourself =p

Carsonist said...

Was that a question? There's no question mark, but it wasn't phrased as a statement. Either way, my parent's aren't "pitchin" for my new place.


Big J said...

haha, im not sayin. . . im just sayin =p have fun on the move!