Thursday, April 29, 2010


Have you ever been to VGCats? It's a typical Penny Arcade rip-off, with mostly video game jokes that aren't funny, even though they mention "Recent Game X".

It's been years (literally) since the guy has made a comic that's funny. Why do I keep going back occasionally? Well, you know how people slow down to look at a car accident. VGCats is a car accident that occurs with regularity*. In this case, the collision is between the creator's ego and terrible writing.

It's really strange to see some art that he's clearly put a lot of time into combined with a "joke" that's clearly inspired by the Cardboard Tube Samurai, for example. 

Other embarrassing things: the joke "Whoa, the mechanics of this video game world we live in sure are crazy!" is only good joke a few times all by itself. Saying that VGCats uses that joke often would imply that they do other jokes.

OK, let's be fair, VGCats also does jokes that are essentially the same, but slightly different. For example: What if a video game character's actions were performed in a different context? And there's the classic, What if a video game character was in a different video game?

There's one other joke, and it's not a video game joke, but it's awful in a different way. It's awful because the content of the comic is awful. For the creator of VGcats, sexual abuse, rape, prostitution, child abuse, sexism**, pee and poop**, murder, etc. aren't something to make jokes about, they're jokes all by themselves. "Look how wacky I am! I killed a baby in a comic!" What is that guy's deal?

There's also the Family Guy "Joke"***, where one of the titular cats is in a video game. There's no other joke; it's just "whoa, the generic guy I invented is in a video game! Remember video game X?" Hilarious!

Also, the writing seems to think that telling a joke in ten sentences is way better than telling a joke in one sentence. The opposite of good writing.

I don't know why I wrote this, it's like making fun of a child's crayon drawing. There are the people who see that it's obviously terrible, and there are the people who are blinded, and neither will change their mind because of this.

PS. One other thing: I'm pretty sure I've seen at least half of his "topical" jokes somewhere else first. I doubt this is a coincidence.

*Or it would, if the creator could maintain his grueling planned schedule of updating once a week.
**There's so much this, it makes me wonder if the creator has some sort of issues, or if he's just an idiot. Then he has the gall to pretend to be above this sort of thing!
***Doesn't really deserve the name joke, but I don't know what else to call it.

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