Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lost Drinking Game

There are a lot of Lost drinking games, but they all focus on the endearing parts of the show. My theory is, you do a drinking game about the bad parts. That way, you enjoy the good stuff, and you get drunk for the bad stuff.

Here we go...
Drink every time:
  • There's a musical cue that is so suspenseful that you wonder what show the music director is watching.
  • Jack makes demands of someone that has all the power
  • Jack decides to get into a fight with someone for no reason
  • Someone says "I'll go along with you" with no explanation or motive
  • Someone asks an absurdly probing and insightful question for no reason
  • Someone explains they can't answer a question because there's no time, when the characters are hiking across the island
  • Jack does something that should kill him
  • The plot changes purely so Kate can switch from Sawyer to Jack or vice-versa
  • The camera goes from Kate's face to Sawyer/Jack's face to show that there's sexual tension, even when the characters aren't looking at each other.
  • Someone believes a lie even when the person is a known liar or is the enemy
  • Someone believes a lie because it's so completely absurd and implausible
  • Someone implies that they know anything about the island and it's not true. (Spoilers: it's not true every time)
  • It turns out there's another facility on the island no one's seen before
I'll probably think of more

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