Friday, April 23, 2010


I finished watching all of Star Trek: Voyager. Quick summary: they missed the mark. Every single time.

So now I'm on to Enterprise.

Initial reactions: The dog is the greatest idea anyone has ever had for Star Trek. An adorable dog? What's not to like? Pure genius.

Monster of the Week episodes and Hallucination/Metaphorical Dream episodes have always been a weak point of Star Trek shows, so I have to be disappointed when Enterprise combines the two in their third episode. Terrible.

The entire idea of a Temporal Cold War seems wasteful to me. Enterprise has a lot to do: they have to establish the federation, establish the rules of First Contact and the Prime Directive, (after messing up some civilizations), and get into some fights with Klingons. I know it's expensive to have aliens all the time, but you can tell Enterprise has a bigger budget. They could have made the Klingon Empire an actual empire, with conquered races. They also could have used the various races we'll see in later series as new allies for the formation of the Federation. In the end, this show should be about humanity outgrowing the shadow of the Vulcans who believe they're not ready for the big leagues. Temporal Cold War and the Suliban seem to be a distraction.

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