Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shakespeare And TF2, Together At Last

Shakespeare's been in the news lately. The mayor of Chicago announced that Thursday is talk like Shakespeare day, and the Supreme Court Justices Stevens and Scalia have been cited as being on the side that believes that Shakespeare didn't write Shakespeare, instead having been written by Edward De Vere, Earl Of Oxford.

I'm happy to see a Shakespeare day, but this Earl Of Oxford stuff is embarrassing. This just goes to show that figures of authority in one realm shouldn't have any authority outside of their jurisdiction. Fortunately, they don't have any authority in this case other than their celebrity.

In Valve news, they've sprung a surprise TF2 update just ahead of a L4D update that's supposed to launch today. It's odd, because it doesn't actually have any real content, but it clearly implies future content. Now characters have an item slot for headgear. DUN DUN DUN! This could be the biggest update other than the class packs. They let you reset your stats, too. I decided to take a screenshot of my stats and reset them, just to see what happened. Might as well show you my old stats:

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