Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valve Missives

There's some news on the TF2 front: the first alternate weapon for the scout. Do me a favour, read it before you read the rest of the article.

Now that you've read it, do you feel that you know what The Sandman does? I think anyone can tell what its purpose is, but no one can tell exactly what they mean.

This is pure Valve communication. Obtuse, vague and confusing. I am going to try my hand at being their PR man for a moment:

  • The new Scout Bat is called The Sandman
  • The Sandman can hit a baseball at an opponent, which causes stunning.
  • The farther the ball travels, the longer the target is stunned.
  • This stuns even players that are invincible.
  • Equipping this item means that you cannot Double Jump. (It's not clear whether holding the bat or equipping the bat costs you the second jump)
I think I've described it clearly, and without relying on pictures. (Valve, if you're hiring, I'm available).

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