Friday, February 13, 2009

Success Comes From Organization

Why is it that the Republicans are successful at controlling the narrative, and can uniformly vote against the Obama recovery plan in a political scene where their party has been soundly rejected?


When we had a president who lost the popular vote, Democrats couldn't bend over fast enough to pass any bill he wanted, even before 9/11. After that, even objections to Bush policies were beyond the political pale. Even when the Democrats retook Congress, there was no intention of impeachment, or even of a legal inquiry, despite obvious illegal activities in the administration. They had no organization, and no courage of their convictions.

Now that the Republicans are out of power, they've rediscovered the idea of fiscal responsibility. When they were in charge, the deficit was a non-issue. Now that Obama is proposing an expensive bill, even John McCain, supposedly a bi-partisan operative, has discovered that a deficit is like a "tax on our children". The blatant hypocrisy works only because every single Republican in the House is speaking the exact same words.

Only a political machine can produce these results, not people that believe in anything. If the Democrats were organized and had no ideals, they could annihilate the power structure of the Republican Party, but they won't.

I guess I'm not really getting at anything in particular.

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