Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wii Time Is Me Time

Have you heard? The Wii has finally reached its saturation point. You can go to a store today and get one. Or two. Or three. They're all over, and they're not getting picked up as soon as they arrive in stores.

I was thinking about getting Mario Galaxy, but it still costs $50, or $45 used. That's ridiculous. I'm going to check the internet now to see how it looks there.


Anonymous said...

bout time. i have put way more time into my xbox as of late then my wii... maybe because i left my wii at home so i wouldnt be distracted or maybe because xbox came out with deadspace, fallout3, fable 2, and soon to be left 4 dead. wii has come out with... shitty wii ware?

where are our hardcore games?

Carsonist said...

The entire idea of "Hardcore Games" is rather silly. There's no definition, and it's a bad market to get into. What Nintendo has discovered is that you can get a lot more money selling games to EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

dont get me wrong they are selling but i dont believe the idea of hardcore gamers are silly. i agree that the title might be misleading but i think there is a group that doesnt want to have spamware and games that are simply tossed together mini games. games with depth and story i believe is what a "hardcore game is"