Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin

Isn't it funny that the arch-conservative Sarah Palin comes from America's closest approach to a socialist state? Taxes on the oil industry in Alaska are distributed to each human being in the state annually (a status oddly similar to Venezula's economy), and Alaska receives far more money from the federal government than any other state, on a per-capita basis.

People say that Sarah Palin wasn't vetted before her nomination. This is absolutely not true. They asked both of the questions that mattered:
  1. Are you female?
  2. Will you sign off on the basic Religious Right list of issues?
She said "yes" to both questions, and they're off to the races!

John McCain, in a similar attempt to appease the Hyper-Right, has announced that human rights begin at conception. In this view, two conjoined cells are a person, including issues regarding the 14th amendment, and so on. This leads to some absurdly difficult problems, if considered even momentarily. The Right likes bills where a murderer who kills a foetus is tried for two cases of murder, since the foetus is also a person. One in three pregnancies ends in stillbirth. Should each of these stillbirths be investigated as a murder? Justice would demand it, since the McCain United States would have abortion criminalized, thereby forcing it underground. Similar problems emerge when it comes to taxes, property rights, etc. etc.

There's no biblical support for the idea that a foetus is a person. There are two passages that people use in support of the idea, and neither of them are relevant when looked at seriously.

There's no point to this entire argument anyway. The Republicans have no intention of making abortion illegal. They know that it would absolutely kill their chances at being re-elected, and that abortions would continue regardless. The issue is simply a means of drumming up votes, and has been since the Religious Right made it a centerpiece of their political platform. It has always been a cynical attempt to deliver a bloc vote to the Republican Party.

Oops! I did another political post!

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