Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pyro Update

Steam has announced that the next class to get the Achievement/new equipment treatment in TF2 is the Pyro. This is going to be a dark day for the game. Pyros are probably the crummiest class in the game, and having an army of them on both teams will make games look like dodgeball players in the middle of the D-Day Invasion.

I do think that Pyros are bad, but I think there is a way that they can win. I haven't tested it anywhere close to thoroughly, but when two Pyros are together, enemies die almost instantly instead of being lit on fire, running backwards while shooting the Pyro, then finding a health pack. Too many time I've seen a Pyro light five people on fire and get zero kills. Two pyros would have killed at least the medic, which would have made the rest of the process easier.

One can only hope that the new equipment will improve the class as much as the medic equipment does.

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