Sunday, June 08, 2008


Have you seen D&D 4th Edition? I've been reading it, but I haven't read enough of it to get a comprehensive idea of it. At the moment, it seems good. I made a character, and the process seems simple enough. I think it's interesting that they now provide three different ways of generating your core stats, and rolling your dice is the last method they suggest. What a strange world we live in.

I appreciate that they were willing to mix things up, with changing races around, and core abilities, but I don't like the cases where they take a term we already know, like Saving Throw, and make it similar, but not similar enough to be functionally the same. If something tells you to make a saving throw in 4e, and you're in a 3e mindset, then you're going to do it wrong.

When it comes to new races, I like the Dragonborn, and I don't care for the Tieflings. Seems to be a catch-all race for emo roleplayers. Also, if you're going to include the spawn of demons, why not the Aasimar, the spawn of angels?

The illustrations have hardly progressed from the fantasy illustrations of thirty years ago. Fantasy women are still strapped for cash, it seems, since they simply cannot afford covering as much of their body as their male counterparts. Worst offenders: The dragonborn with breasts, and armour that emphasizes it, (Lizards do not nurse their young), and the female warrior in full plate mail that doesn't cover anything north of the nipples.

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Anonymous said...

I am also a fan of the Dragonborn. I read through some of the book and got the impression that they wanted to start over because 3e got out of hand.