Monday, March 10, 2008

Smash Bros Initial Thoughts

After playing some Smash Brothers, here are my first impressions:

  • I desperately need to find a Wii. This is driving me crazy.
  • The cinematics in this game are fantastic. There are more "wow, that was awesome" moments in this than in any other game's cutscenes.
  • Solid Snake is too cool.
  • The designers have done a good job of making different characters actually different, instead of just a paint-job on an old character.
  • No huge changes in the core gameplay. If you didn't like the old games, you probably won't like this one.
  • Picking up items is a lot easier. You can pick them up whilst on the run or in the air by just pressing "A". This reduces the value of my ultra-L337 item-grabbing skills from Melee.
Also, did I mention that Solid Snake is awesome? He totally is.

Some Other Thoughts:
  • Those little white balls that have the letter "B" on them? STAY AWAY!
  • Yes, Final Smashes are overpowered, but they are also COMPLETELY AWESOME!
  • Has anyone tried making a custom level that's just a box with a small aperture? This would make for some strange fights with lots of damage.
  • The attention to detail in this game is fantastic. You can tell the the creators cared very much about it.
  • When it comes to level design, my only complaint is that the game is a little too awesome. Some of the levels can be a little distracting with all the stuff in the background.
  • Snake!

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Anonymous said...

so i just started to work on getting better with snake and his >A move is insane! i am starting to like him alot and see how annoying he can get =p i made a map that just had moving floors, it was intense.