Wednesday, March 26, 2008

iTunes And Album Art

I don't care about album art. Occasionally, it looks good, but it doesn't actually cause music to sound any different. I still have this attitude, but now I spend hours of my life searching for hundreds of album covers on the Internet, and it's all thanks to iTunes and the iPod Touch. Since the Touch provides the option of looking through your music by scrolling though the album covers, I feel compelled to have a cover for every album I have. This can be tricky, since I have songs that aren't from any album, like Portal's Still Alive, and Crazy Utahraptor, by Ryan North. Also, some songs are singles that were never released in an album. I tend to delete this sort of song, even though I might like it as a song.

What really gives me work are the poorly formatted songs. First, I have to find out that the name of the file is that actual name of the song. Then I have to find what album that song is from on the 'pedia. Then I'll have to surf the internet for a .jpg of the correct size, then download it. This might not sound like much work, but it adds up. I've made this my little project for a while now, and I still have over 400 unformatted songs with no album art.

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