Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quote Contest III

OK. Another themed quote contest. Every quote has two commonalities: they all feature the same word. That word has been blanked out in each quote. They're in order of difficulty. The quotes are worth a point, and so is the mystery word.

1) "And I'm his good friend ______!"

2) "I feel like I was mauled by ______."

3) "So, you guys don't believe in Robot ______?"

4) "Sweet Zombie _____!"

5) What is the mystery word?


Jeff said...

Well, the first one is "And I'm his good friend Jesus!" by Zoidberg from Futurama. So I got the mystery word as Jesus, I'd bet, and could get the other quotes, but I don't know what they're from.

Carsonist said...

OK. That is one point for getting the word, and one for the quote from Zoidberg. You got on here early!

Dan said...

All Futurama quotes.
I beleive #2 is Fry.
#3 is also Fry.
#4 is Farnsworth.

Carsonist said...

That's all of them. Three points for Dan.