Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A bunch of you out there may wonder whether it is worth your time to vote. There is actually a simple process to determine just that.

First, calculate the value of your candidate winning.

Then, multiply that value by the chance that your vote will decide the election in favor of your candidate. (0%).

Then, deduct the value of the inconvenience of the voting system.

If the resultant number is positive, then it is worth your effort to vote. If it is zero, then it is still technically worth it. If it's negative, then you're better off staying at home.

Despite all that, I do intend to vote. I was reviewing the candidates for governor at a website when I stumbled onto a candidate for the "stop raising our taxes" party. I didn't understand it at first, but when I did, I was truly impressed.

The Republicans (probably) have placed an attack ad in the ballot.

It's brilliant. One final reminder that the Democrat raised taxes, a crime so hideous that nothing else matters. I wonder why there's no candidate for the "The Bush Administration, which Republicans support, is being torn apart under the weight of its scandal and corruption" party.

There's probably a word limit.

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