Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tales From The BattleField (2)

The game I've been playing the most lately (other than Meteos) is Battlefield 2. It has the vast bot armies of the Star Wars shooters Battlefront, but the AI is much better, and there are guns that don't totally suck. (When it comes to shooting people, Star Wars has to be the worst setting of all time.)

One of my favorite things to do is fly aircraft. This does not include Landing aircraft. That part is rather hard. I've never even tried to land a jet.

I don't shoot people with aircraft either, so you may wonder what the point is. It's quite simple. The point is to jump out of a moving aircraft that costs millions of dollars, deploy your 'chute, and watch that sucker careen into the side of a mountain. Makes me laugh every time. It also gets you to the fight faster.

My favorite aircraft story is when a friend bailed out of a helicopter, every thing was normal. He started marching toward the nearest flag. He suddenly noticed that the helicopter was awfully close to him. Somehow, it ended up turning around and landing on his head as it crashed.

Good times.

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