Tuesday, November 14, 2006


When I found out that Call of Duty 3 wouldn't be released for the PC, I was dismayed. I get all of my German-hunting release from playing CoD at friends' houses. Now, it seems that I will have to buy a console to kill some Nazis.

Despite reassurances, I don't feel comfortable with playing an FPS on the Wii. (Which I do intend to buy upon its release). Also, it looks pretty ugly on the latest Nintendo console.

This left me with the 360, which I had previously decided not to buy until a price drop, or the release of Halo 3, whichever came first. For about a week, I had a wicked urge to pick one up. Fortunately it passed, and I have re-committed to waiting it out.

Note that the PS3 never once entered my mind as an option. The entire thing just seems absurd now.

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Big J said...

its $600. it has to be good. gezz, you act like sony is trying to rip you off or something. . .