Sunday, July 09, 2006

There Was A Firefight!

The party is dead.

In the dungeon game, everyone but the barbarian was brutally killed and eaten by Cerberus. There are a couple funny things along with that:

1. The barbarian was the only person who seemed concerned.

2. Any number of of things could have prevented the fight entirely, or at least allowed more people to escape. It was a series of mistakes and coincidences that actually brought them to their deaths.

Anyway, the dead players are jazzed about being able to start up new characters. They all seem to want to play monstrosities. I'm not sure why, but apparently any of the traditional D&D races just aren't cool enough for them.

PS. Bonus point if you identify the title quote.


Big J said...

haha come on, give me more credit then that. boondock saints baby!

Carsonist said...

Well, you got it. I hereby award you one (1) point. Congrats!