Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Am Literally Angry With Rage.

I move that the word 'literally' be stricken from the English language. The vast majority of times it is used, it is used incorrectly. Even when it's not wrong, it is usually unnecessary or a poor choice.

For the record, the only time that literally should be used is when you are using an expression that is usually taken figuratively, but you want it to be understood by the actual meaning of the words.

For example:

"I am literally the devil's advocate."

This means that you are an attorney or another form of representative, and that you work for the devil. You use the word 'literally' because if you do not, someone will assume that you are simply arguing in favor of an unpopular position, which is the figurative meaning of "playing the devil's advocate."


Big J said...

i am literally not looking at the keyboard when i type this. that is aside from the point though. . .
i am literally angry with rage twords people who say hate, with a pasion. they call all burn.
do they even know what pasion means in that context???

Big J said...

oh, im also literally going to have sex with your wife. yeah, i like that one.


Carsonist said...

"They call all burn"? What the hell does that mean? Your first post looks like a translation of a korean enema.

Big J said...

youve never heard the expresion, "let them burn"? you havent lived!