Wednesday, June 21, 2006

...and it makes me want to cry...

There are so many real issues out there. The stuff that politicians debate is so irrelevant that it pains me.

How many times have you heard a politician talking about food production issues? Unless they're talking about bribing farmers with more subsidies and tax cuts, probably never. If you watched nothing but political discussions, you probably wouldn't be aware that there were any issues with the subject.

Yet here we are, with a food production system that is unbelievably inefficient and dangerous. This article describes the situation as it exists today.

A notable detail: the disease E. Coli only exists in beef because the cows are fed corn instead of grasses. If the cows were fed grasses for a little while before they were slaughtered, E. Coli would cease to be.

Here's another good link. Interesting fact: The corn industry got 41.8 billion dollars in subsidies from the US government. This leads to cheaper corn, which is used to make sugars added to food. So our government is spending our money to make our foods less healthy.

It's like the circle of life.

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