Sunday, October 30, 2011

one half (variable)(variable) squared

I'm in a physics class right now. It seems like everything in physics involves the same formula:

1/2 * X * Y^2

that is, half the first variable, times the second variable squared. Here's a little contest: I'm going to list formulae that include this system, and let my readers figure them out!

1/2 MR^2
1/2 KX^2
1/2 AT^2
1/2 Iω ^2
1/2 αT^2
1/2 MV^2

PS. what is up with the math lettering system? Using X and Y as the most commonly used letters is insane. It's incredibly easy for an x to look like a y, and vice-versa. W stands for like three things, and so does T. It's like crazy people thought up the notation for physics stuff. Or maybe people with a truncated alphabet.

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