Monday, March 21, 2011

What's the Harm?

I've been complaining a lot about Democrats' inability to communicate. Why does it matter? Why should we care about the war of words, so long as Democrats vote on the right side of issues?

There are X problems:

Most immediately, it hurts legislation going on right now. When Democrats vote for something that is only reviled in the press, they know they'll look bad for doing it. They'll hesitate before voting for good bills, and bow to demands to include Republican measures in the bills they pass.

Next year, we'll see 1/3 of the Senate, the entire House, and the legislatures of most states up for grabs. How can people vote for Democrats in these elections, with no mental capacity to defend them? I'm not saying that Democratic voters are dumb, I'm saying that there must be a justification for taking an action, and it must be enunciated. Obama has done more to fix the systemic problems that face the United States in living memory, but unless someone says it, it's hard to support him.

The problems of failed legislation and losing elections are going to be disastrous, but they're not the biggest issue of the mute Democratic organization. The real tragedy is long in the future, when the kids of today become the citizen-governance of tomorrow. When you grow up hearing both Democrats and Republicans saying that we need to cut the Federal budget to save the economy, (which is false) why would you doubt it?

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