Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Infinite Prosperity

In America:

There are more bedrooms than there are people, but there are people without a place to sleep.

There's more food thrown away than people need to eat, but people go hungry.

Cosmetic surgery and Homeopathic medicine both make billions of dollars yearly without adding anything to the health of anyone, yet we have children going without basic medical care.

There are enough resources, the only problem is distribution. The redistribution of wealth is necessary, and it would be beneficial for the economy. This fact is obvious, but it's politically unacceptable to say. Again, the Right-wing has made arguments of this nature impossible, and the Left wing has given up before the battle started.

We have an economy that could provide healthcare and homes for every person, and a political "debate" that argues over how we should further victimize the poor.


Anonymous said...

Pneumatic tubes are the answer.

Carsonist said...

I'd vote for Senator Blomberg