Saturday, December 04, 2010

Why Obama Disappoints Me

Everyone has decided to pile on Obama lately, so I thought I'd join in. To me, Obama has two main problems:

  1. He's unwilling or incapable to sell or enunciate a left-wing philosophy. Instead of this, he simply fights for his positions, but lets the Republicans argue against them with no counter-argument. This leads to an image of someone passing laws that no one supports. What we need is a Barry Goldwater of the Democratic Party, someone who can sell the message.
  2. Obama doesn't know how to negotiate on the legislative front. In a traditional negotiation, both sides make some concessions until they both find a position that they are able to swallow. With Obama, Democrats just make concessions over and over again, then pass their bills without any Republican support anyway. It seems like Obama genuinely believes in his message of bipartisanship, and he just can't believe that Republicans would be so determined to undermine his agenda, even if it wrecks the country.
Let me make it clear, I do support Obama, and he's passed some good bills, but we really need a truly left-wing president some day. Ever since Reagan, we've shifted hard to the Right. I'd say that we haven't seen a truly Democratic President since Carter.

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Anonymous said...

I love how people said he was a bully with health care and how he needs to learn how to not be so left. So then he gets the tax cuts and unemployment extended... dems would have watched that roll into next year and america would have been F'ed. so now people say he is weak because he had to bargain... people get so caught up they forget to realize that this is not a fucking soap ophra, there is so much more then just people liking you. FDR lied to people "for the good of the people" and is warshiped for his decision. if that happened today people would go ape shit. you should look at the lawsuits that Social secrity had against it when it first came out... people are scared of change, the obama plan does a lot of good for the lower class, i have already seen it. I agree the debt is too high and its easy for us to say stop spending. if you think its that easy, why dont you do something about it and run for office?