Friday, October 22, 2010

Job Search Self-Doubts

I've been looking for a job pretty aggressively lately, and it's a pretty tough market out there. One of my problems is that when someone responds to my resumè, I assume that they must be trying to give me some sort of terrible job, since why else would they be hiring me? I am a great guy, but I have a pretty crummy resumè right now.

So I always assume that the role being offered is some sort of call center or commission based job, which are basically two of the three things I refuse to do. (The other is handling food). I have decided that I should pursue even these suspicious looking offers, at least until it's absolutely clear it's some sort of no-hope position.

Man, this is a boring post. Sorry readers!

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Anonymous said...

I hear the airport is hiring security it's only part time but you should go for it.