Monday, June 14, 2010


Does anyone watch House? I'm not a big fan, but I'll sometimes watch it when it's on. Hugh Laurie is a great actor, and does  a good job of selling the absolute nonsense that happens in an average episode. The most common nonsense to happen is the classic, "It could be [disease I've never heard of], start a drastic treatment, then check if that's what the patient has." This system has a 95% chance of making the patient go into seizures or suffer a heart attack, since the initial evaluation is always wrong.

If I got to magically edit the show, I'd cut out all the bits where they're treating the patient of the week. The interaction between the doctors and the patients seems particularly silly, even for house. It seems like every patient is more interesting in judging their doctors than their near-fatal illness.


Random rambling said...

:)) I actually am a big fan of House, but I totally agree with you on the way they're treating patients. Also, I find it funny how usually after almost killing the patient, they end up curing him with something ridiculously simple, like a couple of pills to make up for all the kidney, liver or heart failure they caused in the first place :)). And also on the "psychology part" I do find myself wondering how every patient is such an experienced psychiatrist :P. But I like the show mostly due to the actors' play, especially Hugh Laurie.

Carsonist said...

Ya, Hugh Laurie makes up for every other factor.