Thursday, June 17, 2010

Decimal Time

Have I ever mentioned my support for Decimal Time here on the blog? It's basically the Metric system, but for time. There are only 10 hours in the day, 100 minutes in the hour, and 100 seconds in the minute. The second actually ends up being pretty close to the length of a second now, but the other units would take some getting used to.

There are several benefits: the math involving time would be infinitely easier, (most people don't bother doing any math that requires converting from one unit to another, it's too hard), there'd be no ambiguities about time, (No AM and PM, just 00.00-09.99). The objections are basically the same objections America gives for changing to the regular metric system, plus the problem that the rest of the world doesn't do this one.

Sometimes I wonder how much of our time is lost because of easily fixable problems. Both the metric system and Decimal Time would require an initial investment of manpower, but would make everyone's life easier for the rest of time. I think it would make a good return on investment within ten years. The government needs to spend money on things to prop up the economy right now anyway, so it may as well be something that increases future efficiency.


Anonymous said...

8 hour work days would suck even more


Carsonist said...

That's silly. You're silly to say that.